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Your one-stop service center! Stop over-paying for high-priced labor! Make Terrible Herbst Lubes your pit stop to keep your car running smoothly. Our highly trained technicians undergo extensive training and certifications to keep them educated. From your basic oil change to smog checks to A/C services, Terrible Herbst Lubes has an extensive list of services to choose from.
Free Carwash

Mr T
Up to 5 quarts Terrible Herbst Racing Oil
New oil filter (some filters may be extra)
Lube chassis
Check and fill transmission fluid
Check and fill differential fluid
Check and fill power Steering fluid
Check and fill battery fluid
Check and fill windshield Washer fluid
Check and fill coolant (up to 1 quart)
Check and fill tire Pressure
Inspect brake fluid level (visual only)
Inspect air filter
Inspect cabin filter
Inspect wiper blades
Inspect belts
Inspect hoses
Inspect exterior lights

Terribles Extras
Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange $95.99 most vehicles
Coolant Exchange $85.99
Gear Box Exchange $29.99 most vehicles
A/C Service $29.99 (freon extra)
Power Steering Service $49.99
Serpentine Belts $59.99 and up
Fuel Filters $39.99 and up
Cabin Filters $39.99 and up
Air Filters $9.99 and up
Wiper Blades $9.99 and up
Conventional Bottle Oil $8.00 extra
High Mileage Oil/Synthetic Blend $20.00 extra
Synthetic Oil $30.00 extra

Fuel Savings Packages
"Supreme Fuel Saver": $99.95
Terrible's Best Oil Change
Oil System Cleaner
Engine Treatment
2 Part Fuel System Service
"Ultimate Fuel Saver" – Proven fuel savings of 3%: $55.95
Terrible's Best Oil Change
Oil System Cleaner
Fuel Treatment
2 Part Fuel System Service